Resting on the shores of Lake Mendota, the Lodge was founded in 1878 as a social fraternity which serves the University of Wisconsin-Madison community. It dedicates its charge to making better men by holding them to the highest academic, moral, and social standards. The active brotherhood does this by governing themselves with some input from their dedicated Alumni Board, which owns and operates the Lodge facility. Support from the National Office comes in the form of educational programs and scholarships, which help undergraduates develop their scholastic and professional abilities.

Locally, Lodgers participate in a wide range of activities on campus and in the community including the speech team, varsity athletics, ROTC, and the Interfraternity Council Executive Board. The social calendar is lined with events to help break the routine of the academic week while instilling valuable personal skills for the men.

The Lodge serves as both a symbol and a rallying point for the men. Since its construction was completed in 1911, it has served as home to thousands of young men during their undergraduate and graduate years. It is listed on the national, state, and city registries for historic places.

Needless to say, many men remember their days at 150 Iota Court with an air of nostalgia and affection for the best of times. With the help of the active Brotherhood and Alumni, many more men will be able to benefit from its values while spending their days learning and building life long friendships at the Lodge.

Written by Peter J. Wilder '04