To all Potential New Members:

Welcome to the undergraduate tab for Chi Psi Fraternity at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Hopefully this page gives you a better insight into what life is like at 150 Iota Court. Why should you join Greek Life? Greek life is an extremely influential experience for all undergraduates who opt to join. Statistically, Greek life members have better academic records, as well as levels of involvement in all aspects of undergraduate life, when compared to other students. Chi Psi is the quintessential example of this. In the Spring of 2016, our Chi Psi brothers attained the highest GPA out of all fraternities on campus. In the Fall of 2016, we placed second in all of IFC. Our new member classes have perpetuated this excellence by continuing to prioritize our academics, raising the GPA to well beyond the average fraternal standard. These latest grade reports show how dedicated we are to maintaining a balance between the commitment to our brotherhood and academia alike, both within our active body, as well as amongst the potential new members of Chi Psi. As far as involvement goes, as is visible in our gallery on both this site and our Facebook page, we have had, and continue to have brothers involved in a variety of organizations, jobs, and activities. This speaks to the diversity of individuals whom don our letters, and is a testament to our belief that individualism should be welcomed with open arms. If you’re looking for a touching stone in an area you’re unfamiliar with, the fraternity can also serve as a tremendous asset, as odds are one of our 100+ members will be able to point you in the right direction, and act as a great point of reference.

What do we value here at Chi Psi? Part of being a brother of Chi Psi is the constant quest to better the moral composition of our members. The new member class goes through a semester long educational program, which emphasizes the growth and development of the individual. Senior members of the fraternity, whom uphold our values to the utmost and can convey to our new members the statutes with which we pride ourselves upon, normally orchestrate this period of learning. We also, as an active body, use The Program for Excellence as a guidebook to teach our potential new members. The goal of this program is to empower our undergraduates to compete at the highest level, differentiate themselves, and add value to our organization in an attempt to further our purpose: Building life-long friendships. If you want to learn more about the Program for Excellence, check out our national website at

As for our social life, our brothers and new members are extremely active within the Greek community. We have weekly socials with sororities on campus, host alumni tailgates, attend formals every semester, and partake in date parties. Improving your social life and expanding your social group is a huge part of daily life for our undergraduate brothers in Chi Psi.

If you are a prospective undergraduate at UW and looking to join a fraternity, we urge you to come by tabling (held at the start of each semester with dates listed on the IFC webpage) and meet the faces of our fraternity. If not, check out our Facebook page for our updated rush calendar and list of events!

Looking forward to meeting you,

- The Brothers of Alpha Iota